Anti-Spam Systems

Say No to SPAM with InTouch Systems’ unique e-mail filtering service, providing you with extra protection!

We already use DNS Blacklists, SpamAssassin and Greylisting (explanations of these can be found by Googling these phrases).

New additions to our anti SPAM filtering are:

  • Razor – A spam tracking online database
  • Bayesian Filters – Intuitive self learning scoring system
  • Quarantine – User managed quarantine system

We don’t just tag your e-mails as SPAM and still allow them to clog up your inbox.

We quarantine your SPAM mail, sending you just the details so you can then choose to receive them, or not!

What does this mean for you? If our automated system finds potential SPAM items, they will be quarantined.





You will receive an e-mail report from the InTouch Quarantine Service showing the details of these items.You will be given the following options to proceed:

  • Whitelist – Allow this e-mail through and all future e-mails from this sender
  • Deliver – Allow this e-mail through but don’t authorise the sender
  • Delete – Delete this e-mail
  • Blacklist – Delete this e-mail and reject all future e-mails from the sender
  • Show Message – View the message in its RAW format

For further information call InTouch Systems on 01603 425209 or use our Contact Us form .